Review: A little bit of Christmas magic – Kirsty Ferry

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Let’s have another Christmas review ☺️

Ailsa works as a weddingplanner and helps other couples to have their dreamday. This year she has a wedding on Christmas. The evening before the wedding she gives herself some time to dream. Carrick Park Hotel, where the wedding will happen, has a magical sphere for her. Out of nowhere, Ned appears. They have an amazing evening together. Ailsa tells him about her dream to meet Ella Carrick. When her dream comes true she lives a magical adventure.

A little bit of Christmas magic Kirsty FerryThe way Kirsty Ferry writes is wonderful. I also read ‘Watch for me by moonlight’ which I really liked but I even love this one more. The magic in this story blows you away completely. It’s such a lovely story.

Normally I’m not a big fan of open endings but I really loved this one. This open ending isn’t really open. It’s open enough to let you dream but not too much.

I can’t wait to read more from Kirsty Ferry.

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