Review: Little Pink Taxi – Marie Laval

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Choc Lit gave me the opportunity to read ‘Little Pink Taxi’ written by Marie Laval.

Little Pink Taxi Marie Laval Choc LitTake a ride with Love Taxis, the cab company with a Heart …

Rosalie Heart is a well-known face in Irlwick – well, if you drive a bright pink taxi and your signature style is a pink anorak, you’re going to draw a bit of attention! But Rosalie’s company Love Taxis is more than just a gimmick – for many people in the remote Scottish village, it’s a lifeline. Which is something that Marc Petersen will never understand. Marc’s ruthless approach to business doesn’t extend to pink taxi companies running at a loss. When he arrives in Irlwick to see to a new acquisition – Raventhorn, a rundown castle – it’s apparent he poses a threat to Rosalie’s entire existence; not just her business, but her childhood home too. On the face of it Marc and Rosalie should loathe each other, but what they didn’t count on was somebody playing cupid …

The cover shows all the key elements of the story. A castle (Raventhorn), the pink taxi, a raven and a forest. The subtitel really triggered me. How will a ghost play cupid? So i started reading, really excited about the love story being connected to a serious story but with a ghost twist.

Marie Laval creates honest characters. You can really meet the persons (or perhaps you already have) in your life. Marie decided to use different points of view. By making that choice you, as the reader, get more information than the characters. At some moments i’m glad she made that decission but at other points i’m not. You don’t get to be afraid together with, for example, Rosalie on a (for me) key element in the story.

I liked the story, it contains mystery but also a cute love story. But i didn’t like the story for the reasons that i wanted to like it. I missed the cupid ghost, in my opinion the ghost isn’t present enough. Or at least not as present as the subtitle implies.

Personally i would have revealed the secret a bit sooner. The story starts really slow and focusses on the love story. The secret and mystery gets touched but never explained untill the story is almost over. When the reveal starts it goes so fast that it’s sometimes a bit too much…

I know, i’m being very critical. Marie did an incredible job, i did enjoy reading the story but it wasn’t quite what i expected it to be… That’s a shame but it still works.

Would i reccommend this book? Probably yes because i loved the way Marie writes. But i would say that they just have to read and enjoy, not expect too much from the ghostly part.

If you have any questions about this review, feel free to ask them.

Did you ever read a book that left you with mixed-feelings? What was it and why did it make you feel like this?

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