Review: Watch for me by moonlight – Kirsty Ferry

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Today i present you a review from ‘Watch for me by moonlight’ written by Kirsty Ferry.

Watch for me by moonlight tells the story of Alexander and Elodie in a small town called Hartsford.

A tomb is severely damaged during a storm along with other things in town. But is all the damage material? Or are their other things happening as well?

Elodie can see ghosts, she’s used to that. But this? This is something brand new.

Watch for me by moonlight Kirsty Ferry

We follow Alex(ander) and Elodie while they try to find out what happened in Hartsford. During their search for the truth we also learn more about their past. It might not have been as pretty as we thought. At the same time we follow the story of Georgiana and Ben. What is their story? And why is this mystery so important?

I really liked to read it. The similarities between the past and present are lovely to discover. The fact that it’s a bit paranormal is something that got me interested. Kirsty made room for mystery, romance and even some horror in this story.

There was something that I didn’t like as well. Elodie sees ghosts, we know that pretty soon. We also discover that she was bullied for it and kept it for herself because of that. But at some point everyone in the story seems to be okay with seeing ghosts. That’s a bit unbelievable for me, it goes too easy. But beside this it’s a lovely read.

Kirsty writes as subtitle: ‘book 1- Hartford mysteries’. That really makes me curious to read more. The way that Kirsty writes is very pleasant to read.

My final opinion is as followed: Yes, there is one thing that I find unbelievable but I still finished the book because I wanted to know how everything would turn out. So, it really is a lovely book. A book that you can use to travel in the past.

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