Review: A second Christmas wish – Kathryn Freeman

Hi everyone

Thanks to Choc Lit Uk i got to read ‘A second Christmas wish’ by Kathryn Freeman.

The first thing that popped in my head after reading ‘A second Christmas wish’: my faith in santa is back again!


A second Christmas wish Kathryn Freeman‘A second Christmas wish’ is written by Kathryn Freeman. On the cover you see a cosy house, Christmas trees, snow and santa’s sled. The quote on it is very stimulating to start reading. You immediately expect a nice and beautiful story.


‘A second Christmas wish’ tells the story of Melissa and her son William. Mellissa escaped a terrible marriage, her son became a victim of it as well. Because of his past he’s a very shy and timid boy.


My favourite character is Daniel.

The way Kathryn made him come alive is amazing. If the book was written in a different way it wouldn’t been as strong as it is now. Now it’s on point. In the middle of the book I hoped that everything would be allright, that everything would work out.

His sister, Alice, is another awesome character. She isn’t present very much but she does some things that decide the story. Beautiful done.


The end is done lovely.

The whole story gets an beautiful closure while it still keeps an open ending.


‘A second Christmas wish’ is perfect if you want to drown in the Christmas spirit. A lovely book to dream for a while. And let’s be honest, i really can’t wait for Christmas 🙂

See you soon




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