Review: Tell me no secrets – Lynda Stacey

Tell me no secrets Lynda Stacey Choc Lit

Hi everyone

I just finished this book that was given to me by Choc Lit.

It’s a mix between a very romantic story and a bit of a thriller.

Tell me no secrets mainly tells the story about Kate. Kate’s life has been turned upside down, at the beginning she finally seems to get a grip on her life again. She gets a really nice job, is close to her sister and lives in a nice cottage. But nothing seems to be as easy as she was expecting. Her life is about to be turned upside down (again).

What I really like about this story is the different points of view. We get to see different parts of the story from different points of view. Sometimes this gives us more knowledge than the characters. Lynda makes us even love some “bad” people by writing trough his/her point of view. This shows that she really knows her characters.

One of my favourite characters is Ben. He sounds like a man that every woman needs in her life. Lynda did an amazing job at giving him all the characteristics, the good and the bad. This makes him really alive and gives you the feeling that you could meet him tomorrow.

There is one thing that I didn’t like to much about Tell me no secrets. Lynda uses a wonderful way of describing persons and locations but she also uses this ability to describe situations. Those situations don’t feel as real as the others because they get explained instead of lived like the other situations.

But like I said, that’s the only thing that I didn’t like about this story.

I really loved the fact that you got to discover all the secrets and lies together with Kate and the others. Lynda uses private investigators, not the police like so many others, and that gives a whole other flavour to the story.

My favourite quote is actually linked to the title: “Tell me no secrets and I’ll tell you no lies”. It describes the whole story and all it’s different parts.

What I also love is that Lynda makes some everyday situations real. She also makes psychological help negotiable. It gives this book an extra dimension in my opinion.

Tell me no secrets is the perfect story for people who love a bit of mystery but also enjoy romance. But I have to warn you, the mystery in this story can, at sudden moments, be described as a thriller.

See you soon,

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