Review: Living in the past – Jane Lovering

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Today i’m gonna tell you my opinion about ‘Living in the past’ from Jane Lovering. Thanks again to the people of Choc Lit to give me the opportunity to review this book.

Living in the past Jane LoveringLiving in the past is the story of Grace. Grace is a teacher who is helping a friend during an archaeological dig. Her friend hopes that this will help her to start living again after the death of her husband, Jamie. Grace is having a very hard time and feels guilty to become alive again.

During the dig, Grace meets Duncan. He is the boss on the dig site and seems to be known as very cranky. Despite his well-known attitude, woman can’t seem to deny the fact that he’s really good looking.

When Grace and Duncan get to know each other, they find out that they have more in common than they thought. But everything starts to become very strange when Grace gets visions from the past. They are visions, right?

I really loved this book. The fact that it’s about archaeology and history really helps for me, those are some of my interests.

Duncan and Grace are very strong written characters, I could easily recognise them if I would meet them tomorrow. Jane Lovering has a way of bringing her characters to live and it all feels so natural.

When Grace starts seeing things, or thinks that she does, the story really takes a turn.

You can feel how she doubts herself and yet is strong enough to overcome her anxiety.

For me this story is more than a romance. It’s a story where people grow, become the better person that was hiding deep inside of them. But it’s also a story where you get challenged to think about your own life, at least if you want to question yourself.

Jane Lovering wrote a wonderful book that I really enjoyed for various reasons and would recommend to many other readers.

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